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 Education and Employment 

Check out these resources if you would like to build your skills, get a job, gain more opportunities or get some extra help with school courses and understanding how to return to school safely. 

Employment Ontario

Find job programs like the Youth Job Connection or find one of the many job opportunities in government and the public service for youth. 


This is the perfect program to explore your future career goals, and how to locate your nearest youth employment centre, created by FirstWork.

Canada Job Bank (Ontario)

The largest resource to finding employment in Canada. Check it out and find your next job today! -A joint effort by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. 

RBC Future Launch at Home

Want to continue learning and building through virtual opportunities, even during a crisis? Check out this amazing program by RBC Future Launch that allows you to stay safe, while staying engaged, all at home. 

 Mental Health and Well-being 

Check out these resources if you would like to get access to mental health supports, counselling,

resources to help yourself or just want to make sure you are healthy during this crisis, both physically and mentally. 

Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone provides free confidential professional online and telephone counselling in English and French to youth across Canada.


Created by, this resource allows you to be there for yourself and others struggling with their mental health and be prepared to do so.

Crisis Services Canada

CSC provides distress and suicide prevention support to people all ages in need across Canada. 

COVID-19 Mental Health Resource Hub

Need mental health and other support resources that are COVID-specific, or anything relate? Check out this Resource Hub by 

Ending Violence Canada

EVA CAN educates and responds to gender based violence at the national level.

YMCA's free virtual platform connecting you with your favourite YMCA

programs and instructors without leaving the comfort of your own home.

YMCA @ Home


If additional support is needed, please do not hesitate to contact our team at 

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