If our initiative for stronger youth voice is a "moonshot", then consider this is our "mission control"; a group of passionate, talented and innovative young leaders.

Kirat Dhaliwal

Kirat leads our team of amazing mobilizers who will be promoting youth voice all across Ontario.
(Mobilization Coordinator)

Matthew Ling

Matthew is one of our brilliant researchers, analyzing data from consultation groups.


Alicia Zhang

Alicia is another awesome researcher focused on how marginalized youth are impacted by COVID-19.

Saadia Sarker

Saadia is an experienced young data-enthusiast, caring about how COVID-19 has affected general youth health. 

(Data-Analyst and Policy-Developer)

Akash Jain

Akash works with our team to develop strategic recommendations to protect youth during COVID-19. 

(Data-Analyst and Policy-Developer)

Sahdia Sandhu

Sahdia is focused on several different research areas and is another brilliant survey-builder. 


Rasan Sahota

Rasan works with our team to seamlessly connect our research to real-life situations for youth. 


Terence D'Souza

Terence, with the help of Katelyn, handles mostly big-picture research issues and our collaborations. 
(Managing Director)

Katelyn Wang

Katelyn empowers our team to do in-depth research while also looking after our key details. 

(Associate Director)

Naomie Jeyanthakumar

Naomie looks after our online presence and social media promotion of the work we do. 
(Outreach Coordinator)

Justine Pascual

Justine supports our project's  organization and communication strategies.  
(Administrative Coordinator)

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